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About the project


The collection of pictures on this web-side is my documentation of what Reykjavik, the Capital city of Iceland, looked like in the year 2011 from the same point of view, every day of the year. The view direction is to the north-east from Perlan at Öskjuhlid hill, where there is a good view over the city with Mt. Esja at background. Almost every photos are taken at noon but in few exceptions a little bit later. The few days I was not in available, I got good people to fill in for me with the result that there is no day missing.


Along with every picture there is a short description of the weather at 12.00 on local time as read from the Icelandic met Office. The temperature is shown in Celsius and the wind in meter per seconds. Main wind direction are: A=East / S=South / V=West / N=North.


The camera I used was Nikon D3100. The lens is Nikon 18-115, set on the angle 26 mm. The photos was cropped a little to get the same framing on all of them. Some minor contrast and colour corrections was made in Photoshop in the purpose to give the photos more realistic look.


My own name is Emil H. Valgeirsson and I am a Graphic Designer, amateur photographer with a lot of interest in weather and environmental issues. I have a blog-site written in Icelandic: emilhannes.blog.is


If anyone wants to contact me, my e-mail is: emil@hvitahusid.is


Enjoy every day of the year!